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Zirconium (Zr) is a metal that has a density of 6.52 grammes per cubic centimetre and appears silvery. Zirconium is an excellent material for use in nuclear power rods due to its low neutron absorption cross-section and relatively high melting point (1855 degrees Celsius, or 3371 degrees Fahrenheit). The nuclear industry utilised almost ninety percent of the zirconium that was generated each year throughout the 1990s. But as more and more people learn about Zr and the compounds it forms, more and more applications for it have been discovered. Both zirconium metal and zirconium alloys offer benefits when used in particular kinds of chemical conditions, most notably acetic and hydrochloric acids.

zirconium bar


Zirconium's resistance to corrosion stems from an oxide that develops nearly immediately and adheres tenaciously to the metal. Because of this, components constructed from zirconium bars are resistant to the effects of extremely corrosive substances, thus they may be utilised in a wide variety of applications. Zirconium bars have the potential to serve as an excellent raw material for the production of different forms, such as reactors and crucibles. Zirconium bars are another material that are utilised in the production of zirconium electrodes. Because zirconium bars and other goods made of zirconium are resistant to corrosion, they find widespread use in the manufacturing of medical equipment.

Standard Specification For Zirconium Bars :

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