An excellent combination of corrosion resistance, weldability, and room-temperature strength and ductility can be found in the wrought magnesium alloy AZ31B. Numerous products, such as speaker cones, concrete tools, cell phone and laptop cases, and aeroplane fuselages, are made from AZ31B. A wide range of complicated components for use in automobiles can be produced by superforming AZ31B at high temperatures. A tooling plate made specifically to give a flat plate surface in the shape of AZ31 is also offered. A further benefit of the AZ31-TP production method is the creation of plates with remarkable machining dimensional stability.

magnesium bar


In addition to components that profit from the dimensional stability, such as jigs, fixtures, optical benches, vibration test apparatus, and inspection gauges, this enables the fabrication of extremely complicated parts . Due to the exceptional strength to weight ratio of the alloy, Alloyed Sustainbles LLP stocks magnesium bar products that are perfect for use in a variety of applications. In order to have material that will work for your machining needs, we have bar items in stock in a range of lengths and diameters. Despite the fact that magnesium is a potentially volatile substance, cutting the alloy is not too difficult. In-house processing of your magnesium bar products to the lengths required by you is something we can do because we have all the essential experience and knowledge. Due to the inherent risks involved with processing, our "cut to size" service appeals to our consumers.

Standard Specification For Magnesium Bar :

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