Nickel 200 Round Bar is a commercially available form of wrought nickel. Its corrosion resistance and mechanical properties make it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. Magnetic characteristics, strong electrical and thermal conductivities as well as lower gas concentration and low vapour pressure all contribute to the alloy's usefulness. In the processing of foods, caustic alkalies, and synthetic fibres, as well as in structural applications where corrosion resistance is the primary priority, Nickel 200 Rods are ideal. Electrical and electronic components, chemical transportation barrels, missile and aerospace components are some of the other uses for this material.

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Nickel 201 Round Bar is a commercially pure wrought alloy with similar properties to nickel 200 round bar, but with less carbon so that intergranular carbon doesn't weaken the alloy at high temperatures. ASTM B160 is resistant to alkalines, acids, and dry gases at room temperature. It is also resistant to mineral acids, depending on the concentration and temperature of the acid solution. Nickel Round Bar is a solid straight bar or plank-like stock form that is mostly made of a high purity form of the element nickel, or Ni. Common grades of Nickel Alloy Round Bar are nickel 200, nickel 500, Inconel 600, Inconel 718, Hastelloy C276, Cupro Nickel, Monel K500, and Monel R405. Nickel Flat Bar is a building material. Which are usually used for supports, duct work, overhead doors, heaters, bracing, etc. Nickel Square Bar is used by many industries for general assembly or manufacturing. It is also used for general repairs on railings and plant equipment. Pure Nickel Rod doesn't rust or corrode in water or air, so it is used as a protective coating. It is hard but can be bent, so it is used to strengthen metal alloys.

Standard Specification For Nickel Alloy Bars :

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