Alloyed Sustainable LLP is the market leader when it comes to the distribution of nickel wire. Our customers, both domestic and foreign, receive it from us because we make it using wire of the highest possible quality, and we do it while providing them with the highest possible level of service. To ensure the highest possible level of satisfaction for our global clientele, each and every one of the wires from the extensive collection we provide is subjected to stringent quality checks before being shipped out. It is offered in a variety of configurations, each of which may be customised to meet individualised requirements with regard to standards, dimensions, size, and so on.

nickel alloys wire


The business sector recognises pure wrought alloys as being synonymous with nickel 200 wire, which is a solid solution strengthened material. Because it has a reduced carbon content, it is resistant to graphitization and, as a result, embrittlement is less likely to occur in it. It has applications in the fields of chemistry, electronics, power generation, aerospace, petrochemistry, and maritime engineering, among others. Electroplating and the production of electronic components are two common applications for its use. Caustic evaporators, food processing equipment, storage equipment and caustic handling, synthetic fibre production, salt production, and other processes that involve fluorine and sodium hydroxide are also common applications for its use.

Standard Specification For Nickel Alloy :

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