Nickel 200 Coils is essentially identical to Nickel 200 Coils, although it does have a smaller amount of Carbon. This helps to prevent embrittlement at higher temperatures and decreases the material's toughness. Nickel 200 Strips are utilised in the production of electrical components as well as other applications in which the process of spinning the product into its final shape is particularly needed. In comparison to nickel-base alloys, stainless steels, and low alloy steels, the thermal and electrical conductivity of nickel 200 foil is significantly higher. Because Alloy 200 Coils have a lower carbon content, the hardness of the product is correspondingly lower. This makes the product particularly well-suited for cold-formed goods.

nickel alloys strip


Alloy 200 Strips have been employed in corrosion-resistant machinery, such as spinning anodes, caustic evaporators, ignition boats and laboratory containers, and electronic components, where its superior fabrication properties give some benefit. It is imperative that chlorates are maintained to a minimum in Alloy 200 Foils, as they speed up the rate of attack. As a well-known provider and exporter of Nickel UNS N02200 Coils, Alloyed Sustainable LLP is well-versed in the corrosive environment resistance and high temperatures of these coils. Cold and hot forming procedures are available for Nickel UNS N02200 Strips. Nickel 200 Slatting Coils' annealed strength is comparable to that of mild steel. An outstanding corrosion-resistant alloy, Nickel 200 Perforated Coils is commercially pure wrought nickel with strong mechanical qualities. Alloy N02200 Coils are employed in the food processing sector because of their exceptional resistance to distilled and natural water, which creates a persistent oxide coating.

Standard Specification For Nickel Alloy Strips :

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