Titanium Round Bar, Titanium Flat Bar, Titanium Shafts, Titanium Hex Bar, Titanium Rod, Titanium Bright Bar, and Titanium Wire can be purchased from Alloyed Sustainable LLP in Mumbai, India. Alloyed Sustainable LLP is one of the most reputable dealers, stockists, and traders in this industry. Titanium round bar is a very popular go-to option for the production of many different goods. When compared to making plate and block, which still need some level of physical labour, the production of this item is far more dependent on automation. The versatility of round bar allows it to be used in a wide variety of goods, ranging from jewellery to fasteners.

titanium alloys bar


Titanium round bar is available in practically all of the almost 40 grades, with grade 5 and grade 2 being the most prevalent. When it comes to body implantable fasteners and dental equipment, the medical industry frequently makes use of round bar with a tiny diameter. It is possible to make round bar from wire with extremely tiny diameters, which are used for welding, all the way up to wire with much larger diameters, such as the 14-inch diameter, which is used for clutch and flywheel applications.

Standard Specification For Titanium Bars :

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