Alloyed Sustainable LLP is a leading supplier, producer, and exporter of Duplex and Super Duplex Steel Coils. The size, kinds, grades, and specifications of these two coils vary greatly. For this reason, we used the most innovative production techniques and the finest raw materials to create these items, making us the obvious choice. The greater chromium, molybdenum, and nitrogen content of Super Duplex Steel 2507 Coil compared to duplex steel allows them to survive crevice and pitting corrosion. The high strength and outstanding welding properties of UNS 32507 Super Duplex Steel are two additional advantages of this steel grade.

super duplex coil


The modification of UNS S31803 Steel known as Duplex Steel 2205 Coil has both ferrite and austenitic stainless steels in its composition. These coils have undergone comprehensive testing to ensure that they are capable of functioning in high-strength and high-corrosive situations. High corrosion and oxidation resistance are two benefits that come with purchasing UNS S32205 Duplex Steel Coil. We were a supplier of both kinds of alloy steel coils, including Hot Rolled Super Duplex Steel Coil and Cold Rolled Super Duplex Steel Coil, amongst other varieties. The usage of Duplex and Super Duplex Steel Coil is widespread throughout many different sectors, including oil and gas refineries, the food processing industry, the chemical processing industry, naval applications, the paper and pulp industries, the petrochemical industry, and power production.

Standard Specification For Duplex/Super Duplex Plate :

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